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Atlanta International School has enjoyed unprecedented physical plant and campus growth and development during these past nine and a half years and Sachin and his incredible team at SG Contracting have been with us as partners, pretty much every step of the way. AIS was named by Architecture and Design Magazine as the most beautiful private high school in the State of Georgia on March 29, 2018, and we are well aware of the historic legacy we need to conserve and yet also develop. SG Contracting have been excellent partners with us as we have navigated this tension point over the years.

SG Contracting were also engaged, at the same time, in a campus-wide remodel of our existing spaces including our historic buildings and the 1970s library building. All of these interconnected projects were interdependent and the schedule for multiple phases had to be flawlessly coordinated. This was the single biggest building project/ renovation/ remodel in the history of Atlanta International School.

The final building project to complete our Master Plan on our existing footprint is for a new secondary building—a laboratory for creative collaboration, “The Co-Lab”—a completely new concept in education, 34,000 square feet in total. SG Contracting will be our partners on this one as well.

Atlanta International School

SG served as the general contractor on the construction of a 280-space parking deck with new tennis courts both on top of and adjacent to the deck. Sachin Shailendra and his team at SG have been a pleasure to work with. Despite the weather challenges that have plagued construction throughout Atlanta since the beginning of this year, SG built the deck and tennis courts on time and on budget. We did not have any surprises, and they kept us fully apprised of any challenges during our weekly meetings. Any problems were presented with accompanying solutions.

Perhaps the highest testament I can provide is that we have now retained SG for the second phase of our project, which is the construction of a 23,000 sf building that will provide a combination of the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame, office space, a small restaurant, and golf pro shop. Obviously we would not have selected SG to do this next phase if we were not satisfied with their work on the first phase.

Bobby Jones Golf Course Foundation

I am the principal architect at Perkins+Will overseeing the renovations of Atlanta International School and had the pleasure of working with the team at SG Contracting on this project. Atlanta International School is an independent Pre K-12 school with a unique campus that includes buildings that range from a historic 1930’s flagship building to newly constructed buildings that were completed as recently as 2010. The project that SG Contracting completed involved renovations in 4 different buildings on campus and the scope of work ranged from reconfiguring storage spaces into new classrooms in the Early Learning Center, removing outdated mechanical and plumbing systems and making connections to new infrastructure in the main building, and updating classrooms and adding program space in the primary school. All of this work was completed over the summer in a compressed 8 week timeframe.

The team at SG performed the work efficiently and were able to respond to unforeseen conditions including the abatement of asbestos material discovered in the main building during construction. SG was organized and did a very good job at communicating with the owner and design team regarding process of work, issues at hand, and maintaining schedule milestones.

Perkins + Will

Lord Aeck Sargent had the pleasure of working with SG Contracting as our CM partner on the construction of the new Primary School Learning Center at Atlanta International School (AIS), which consisted of a new 30,000 SF K-5 classroom addition as well as the renovation of approximately 5,000 SF of AIS’ existing facilities – all within the constraints of a tight, urban site.
SG Contracting was brought on board by the Owner early on in the process to provide pre-construction services which allowed our design team to work closely with them from the project’s inception. The team that SG brought to the table was highly qualified and easy to work with. When challenges arose during the construction phase, they took ownership and were very responsive to both the Owner and the design team as we collaborated on the appropriate solutions.

Based on their performance on this project, I would not hesitate to work with SG Contracting again and can honestly say that I would look forward to the opportunity. Our collaboration fostered a project that Lord Aeck Sargent. SG Contracting and Atlanta International School all proudly call a success!

Lord Aeck Sargent

I have worked with most of the construction management companies in Atlanta. What sets SG Contacting apart is their attention to detail and overall commitment to being a partner with the owner, architect and design team. SG understands that a project’s success is attributed to the entire team and not exclusively the construction manager. Sachin and the team at SG are always prepared with alternative solutions if an unforeseen condition arises. That proactive approach is what has helped every project that we have worked together on remain on time and on budget.

As the owner’s representative / project manager, the most recent project that I worked on with SG was a K-5, elementary school in metro Atlanta. We were presented with a very tight site with connections to existing buildings and an even tighter schedule for completion. At no point did the SG team complain, ask for an extended schedule or additional funds. They rolled their sleeves up, dug in and worked tirelessly with the design team and BDR to develop a cost saving approach and ways to expedite the construction schedule. SG worked extended hours, weekends, and strategically added additional staff and crew to complete the work on time and at an exemplary level.

SG Contracting is a true partner, team player and asset to every construction project we have worked on together. I would recommend SG for any work where success is paramount. I look forward to my next project with SG.