CLIENT: Atlanta International School
COMPLETED: February 2009
DURATION: 7 month Project Schedule
ARCHITECT: Collins Cooper Carusi Architects


The Atlanta International School selected SG Contracting to construct their new state-of–the-art sports field and athletic stadium facility. Major demolition operations were necessary to remove existing apartment buildings, single family homes, and underground utilities across the site. The field system included a subsurface drainage system and artificial playing surface identical to those chosen by numerous collegiate and professional sports teams across the country. The drainage system further included a cast-in-place concrete underground water detention vault to house reclaimed storm water. The storage capacity of the vault allows unimpeded use of a new irrigation system with automated controls to cool the field during summer months. New utility lines were installed throughout the site to facilitate the elimination of existing storm water runoff issues, as well as add capacity necessary for future expansion plans at the school. New brick and cast stone bleachers and a faculty parking facility were also constructed, along with extensive hardscaping, landscaping, and security fencing across the remainder of the campus. All work was performed while school was in session, creating the need for staging plans, coordination of material deliveries, as well as the need to mitigate any impact on the active campus environment at Atlanta International School.