What do Woodward Academy, Pace Academy, the Atlanta Girls’ School, and the Atlanta International School all have in common? They chose to work with SG Contracting for their renovation projects!

At SG Contracting, we’re very proud to be the premier contracting company in Atlanta for K-12 facilities! We’ve worked with these schools to create new playing fields, math and science centers, weight rooms, reading rooms, gymnasiums, outdoor ground spaces, parking lots, as well as entire facilities.

We want you to know that it is our goal to keep creating spaces in which children can thrive. With all of our projects during our years of business, we pride ourselves in completing projects on-time and under budget, while meeting expectations and retaining excellent client relationships.

SG Contracting welcomes the opportunity to meet with more Atlanta schools to discuss where you can revamp, renovate, and create world-class learning spaces for your students! Please reach out to us at (404) 591-6700 or [email protected] so we can bring our extensive expertise and consistent delivery to your next project