There are many reasons that a school may want to renovate, and it’s not just cosmetic reasons. There are many schools that have issues like leaks, problems with roofs or HVAC, and other health and safety concerns. These issues can be addressed with the help of the right contracting company, like SG Contracting.

In addition to cosmetic benefits, there are financial, health, social, and environmental benefits to renovating your school. Let’s take a look:

Financial Benefits of Renovating Your School:

Neglecting the need to make repairs does not save you money in the short run; in fact, it gets more costly the longer the issue remains unresolved. Renovation uses the space that you have while taking care of issues that, once resolved, can even be more attractive and updated once complete. Additionally, property values may increase with renovation.

Health Benefits of Renovating Your School:

Some obvious benefits for students and teachers are in the improvement of ventilation, roofing, HVAC, flooring, and areas like that. The creation or improvement of athletic facilities can improve the physical health of students by encouraging daily exercise.

Social Benefits of Renovating Your School:

There are many reasons for renovating a school other than financial benefits, including emotional ties, historical significance, and neighborhood stabilization. Many adults feel attachment to the school they attended. Schools often provide a familiar location for voting, community meetings, services in an emergency, and athletic/playground facilities.

Environmental Benefits of Renovating Your School:

School renovation is an inherently sustainable practice, but some of the benefits may surprise you. For example, the reuse of existing buildings actually helps to keep agricultural lands in use Other environmental benefits include greater energy efficiency and improved air quality.

SG Contracting has worked with several of Atlanta’s premier schools, including Woodward Academy, Pace Academy, the Atlanta International School, and the Atlanta Girls’ School. We welcome the opportunity to meet with more Atlanta schools to discuss where you can revamp, renovate, and create world-class learning spaces for your students! Please reach out to us at (404) 591-6700 or [email protected] so we can bring our extensive expertise and consistent delivery to your next project.