CLIENT: Locust Grove ENDO Center
LOCATION: Locust Grove, GA
SIZE: 6,500 GSF
COMPLETED: November 2006
DURATION: 4.5-month Project Schedule
ARCHITECT: Colin Lichtenstein & Associates


A comprehensive design and construction team was assembled in order to provide planning services for the 6,500-square-foot medical office space for the Locust Grove ENDO Center. SG Contracting led the team of consultants, including architects, medical gas suppliers, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers and subcontractors, security and low voltage consultants, medical equipment suppliers, and interior designers. After meeting the comprehensive challenges of designing and building a medical office and surgical procedure center, SG Contracting completed the project in less than 14 weeks. The hospital-grade, outpatient care facility opened as Locust Grove’s first endoscopy center of this size and caliber.