CLIENT: One Wisteria Place, LLC
LOCATION: Snellville, GA
SIZE: 45,000 GSF
COMPLETED: October 2005
DURATION: 1-month Project Schedule


One Wisteria Place is a three-story, Class A professional office building located in the City of Snellville’s new Overlay District. The steel-framed structure consists of two-toned brick with storefront glass for retail access at the first floor. An extensive underground detention system was designed and installed under the parking lot behind the building. Prior to the start of construction, the developer signed a lease with the lead tenant in the building, promising a delivery date based on SG Contracting’s projected completion date in the contract schedule. As a result, the schedule played a key role in the overall success of the development. SG Contracting also worked with the developer and local jurisdictional authorities to install site features such as decorative streetlights, street furniture, landscaping, and pedestrian-friendly amenities.